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Glass Sword & Kings Cage by Victoria Aveyard

So I thought I wasn’t impressed by Red Queen…turns out I was. As soon as I was finished, I went to the library to check out the next two books: Glass Sword and Kings Cage.

I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole that I will never get out of because this series surpasses all my expectations. If you want to know my thoughts on Red Queen, click the link, but here’s a small summary of what my overall analysis was.

Red Queen was very alike to many other dystopian YA novels in the sense that the plot revolved around a girl who relies on everyone else to make decisions and is manipulated again and again due to her naivety. Although riddled with plot twists and action, the actual personalities of the characters were a little superficial.

This whole opinion changed once I continued the series. It’s evident Aveyard was setting up the world of Norta in the first book in order for the rest of the series to be AMAZING. The rest of the series (excluding War Storm) really amps up the drama and character development that makes you feel as if you really know the characters.

How I feel about the series ft Baloo because even he knows the Red Queen series is a bare necessity 😉

Overall thoughts:

Glass Sword & Kings Cage (now to be abbreviated as GS and KC) captured my heart and soul. We enter and explore further into the deeply-rooted dynamics and morals of the High Silver Houses – something I’m very interested in. At first, Mare believes them all to be very superficial and alike – apart from Julian and Sara amongst others – but as more danger ensues, Mare comes to the realisation that not all is as it seems. Alliances are formed, more abilities become known and priorities are set straight. I’m not going to spoil, but the drama just between the nobles is intense and worth the read if you want to write something relating to hierarchy or just like the idea of it.

Continuing the themes of loss, love, temptation and power, GS clears the air about what it really takes to be in the Scarlet Guard and how many sacrifices are made. I loved how even though Cal fought with them against the traitor, they still don’t trust him and set him aside from everyone else. This aspect of the story makes the entire scenario a whole lot more realistic, but also opens our eyes to the fact that the Scarlet Guard also have their flaws. KC draws insight to what is going on in Maven’s psychotic little head that makes the plot twist at the end of Red Queen not only make more sense, but also draws back on the little ticks Maven had that I didn’t notice at first. Hearing about his backstory allows the audience to fill in the blanks on why Maven has made decisions that completely contradict his thoughts.

Just like Red Queen, Aveyard throws in twists that no one expects, setting the drama to an all time high. This leads to one of my favourite parts of books: killing off people without losing the entire story. I’m not going to lie, there was not one death in the two books that I found unnecessary. Morbid, I know. Deaths from the Scarlet Guard, Red Army and even the Silvers contributed to the growing conflict inside Mare’s mind, adding to the ever growing list of characteristics she has. From the first page of GS to the last of KC, action hits the ground running. Interactions between so many new characters incites adventures and conflict which helps shapes the world Norta is set in even more.

What’s New?

*Please be advised before you read on that this part of the review will contain spoilers. I will give you some time to decide whether you would like to read them or not with a fun gif. If you decide to not read the tiny spoilers, scroll down to where it says the spoilers have ended :)*


Moving on…

What’s introduced in the new books?

Well for one, NEWBLOODS! Yes, you heard it here (probably not) first, Mare’s kind actually have a name – and there’s TONS OF THEM. Mare actually goes on a crazy ass journey where she collects them in order to save them from Maven using Julian’s list. Super helpful as always, Julian. On the way, Mare encounters tons of trouble – as you would expect – but finding these new people and exploring their powers makes the series so much more interesting admist the conflict. Also, whilst adventuring to find the newbloods, the audience is exposed to whole new areas of land inside the kingdom of Norta that show that Reds everywhere are treated the same – if not worse – as the Reds in Mare’s little village. The descriptions throughout all of the Red Queen series are enthralling so it was no surprise that this added level of depth made it easy for the audience to make a clear map in their mind of where Mare was.

Secondly, we find out that Norta isn’t alone. Other worlds such as the Lakelands, Piedmont and Montfort spread the world of Red Queen to new extremes. Questions arise: why do certain newbloods seem to have powers related to the climate of their upbringing (Lakelands have a lot of nymphs, shivers, windweavers etc and are a cold place)? Why does Piedmont have such a vast kingdom hierarchy compared to Norta? Do the different countries interact at all? How did the message of the Scarlet Guard spread so far? SO MANY QUESTIONS! On the other hand, understanding the politics of all the countries answers questions as well. It is known that Norta, Lakelands, Piedmont and Montfort all have a history of Reds being slaves and Silvers being nobles so that answers questions relating to history and how things have become how they are. Different ideology allows the audience to understand why the kingdoms are going against each other as well.

We no longer just get Mare’s perspective. Introducing newblood Cameron (who we get to know through Mare in GS) who shows us what’s happening whilst Mare is……otherwise occupied in KC depicts how things are still being run within the Scarlet Guard. With the conflicting thoughts of Mare having no idea what’s happening whilst she is otherwise occupied versus Cameron’s knowledge on the actions taking place within Norta and the other countries adds another dimension to each character as we read their reactions simultaneously. We also get Evangeline Samos’s point of view as House Samos begin to build their Kingdom of the Rift. This perspective paired with the Samos families actions near the end of KC left me shook as I wasn’t expecting it at all. There are tell tale signs that Evangeline is no longer keen on Maven (especially with the whole Iris thing), but full on betrayal? WOWEE!

Additionally, Evangeline gains a new love interest that I ,again, did not see coming even slightly. Evangeline’s whole purpose in the book is to be the competition that Mare faces for Cal’s love as well as being bred to be someone else’s queen. So the surprise that hey, Evangeline and Elane are getting it on made me almost squeal. You heard that right: Evangeline ‘the scariest and sneakiest Silver to ever walk Norta’ Samos and Elane ‘never hurt anyone, but is super powerful’ Haven are an ITEM! Although, there is the problem that after Elane married Ptolemus (Evangeline’s brother) in order for Elane and Evangeline to stay together, the shocking news comes that when Cal ascends the throne again, Evangeline will have to go back to marry him- without Elane. This not only causes a rift (ha ha get it because Samos control the Rift) between the Samos family, the fact that Mare and Cal FINALLY admitted their feelings for one another and are now being torn away by the crown (again) left a sizeable whole in my heart. Although, I’m praying -and I mean full on hoping – that War Storm will bring me some good news concerning every relationship aforementioned.

Theories/Questions for War Storm:

Question: Will Maven finally be defeated? and who by?

Theory: Maven will be defeated, but not how we think he will. It’ll come down to Mare or Cal vs Maven, but I’m betting he shows the side that they both care about and in the moment of weakness, Maven will strike one of them down. Maven/Cal full of anger will then kill Maven for revenge.

Question: What will happen to Iris?

Theory: I actually got the feeling that Iris isn’t very interested in ruling Norta alongside Maven as well. In the war, Iris’s father will die, so she’ll be named Queen of Lakelands and will probably recede back to her own country. She seemed friendly with Mare so I assume they’ll be nice to eachother.

Question: Will Mare’s family survive?

Theory: I sorta believe that Aveyard can’t kill them off. I mean, after Shade, killing of another Barrow seems a tad harsh, especially after both Gisa and Daddy Barrow got healed…..

I’m going to leave my conspiracies at that because I’m dead tired and have a bio report to write (whoops)….


That was a big review…guess I had a lot to say. Anyway, War Storm (the final (?)installation of the Red Queen series) comes out in just 5 days *squealing* so you can bet there will be a review on it as well.

Side Note: Just finished The Chalk Man by C.J Tudor so that review will be coming soon as well!

That’s all I got for now. Below are some fandom memes that I found funny as well as a poem (badly written) that I wrote about the High Silver Houses 🙂

*Note that this is pathetically written, has no flow what so ever and the rhyming pattern is all over the place, but I was inspired and thought it might be easier (and faster) to explain the houses abilities and roles without spoiling the entire series 🙂 Enjoy?


Silver Houses Poem

Tiberias and Maven

Of House Calore

When one will rise

The other will fall.

Samos, Samos

Down to the bone

Through the Rift

Lies their throne

House of Viper

Will wear you thin

Larentia will scare you

Before unleashing the animos within

Haven, Haven,

Will show you the light

Or shroud you in darkness

Removing your sight

The House Gliacon

Try escape the icy clutch

Will leave you with shivers

Frozen to the touch

Eagries, Eagries,

The eyes of the mind

Will see your future

But not all are so kind

House of Arven

Guard the lightening girl

Silencing her spark

Unaware of the danger to unfurl

Iral, Iral,

Known as the silks

Extreme agility and balance

Until their blood is spilt

House of Titanos

No longer known

If ever one touches you

You’re bound to explode

Cygnet, Cygnet,

From the Lakeland town

Watch out for the nymphs

They’re coming for the crown

House of Laris

Will aid all your needs

Weave the wind

Fighting for the Red Queen

Marinos, Marinos,

The house that schemes

Cover your ears in their presence

Before the banshees scream

House of Merandus

Watch out for them

Will play with your mind

And drive you to mayhem

Nornus, Nornus

The swiftest of all

Will run you in circles

Leading you to your downfall

House of Provos

The quiet ones

The power of telkies

Their ability will stun

Jacos, Jacos

A Queen already gone

Will sing you to your death

Using you as a pawn

House of Skonos

Healers of skin

But when a tongue is cut

No one will win

Carros, Greco

Known as the strong

House Rhambos as well

Jump into a fight headlong

House of Tyros

The house that mimes

Their ability greater

During the wartime

Blonos, Blonos

Healers of blood

Non-Fighters of the Arena

Hit the ground with a thud

Macanthos, Thany

Skin like stone

Will rip you to pieces

A family of drones

House of Nolle

Control the storm

No match for the lightening girl

When she begins to perform

The High Silver Houses

 Control all the Reds

But how will they maintain control,

When they are all dead?

Revenge is coming

From the newest found spawn

They call them the newbloods

Who will rise as red as dawn






Wow. I definitely am going to read this series as soon as I can get a hold of it

11th May, 18

Yay!You will NOT regret it.

11th May, 18